Climate change will not affect our rinks, in fact you can have a skating party in July. All sizes and accessories available. Whether you want to host a small rink for a birthday party or a team/club event we have everything from borders, skate rentals, sharpening onsite…everything you need to host a rink. Add a rink to your next event and see how popular it can be…you will have one at all your events. Schools, dance clubs, municipalities and parks have all used our rinks to hold a remarkable experience.


30 Panels

The Party Rink is perfect for adding a touch of novelty to your event or hosting a small party. With its 32 feet by 19 feet dimensions, this rink provides enough space for enjoyable skating experiences. Whether you're looking to create a memorable birthday celebration or add a fun activity to your gathering, the Party Rink is an ideal choice.


60 Panels

The Practice Rink is designed for those who want to hone their skating skills or showcase their moves. This rink offers ample space for practicing various techniques, whether it's perfecting your dangles or working on your edges. Spanning 39 feet by 33 feet, the Practice Rink provides enough room to glide and improve your skating abilities.


100 Panels

The Community Rink is a versatile option that can accommodate a larger number of skaters while offering a spacious environment for various activities. This rink is suitable for community events, gatherings, or any occasion that requires ample space for a significant number of participants. Measuring 65 feet by 33 feet, this Rink ensures everyone can enjoy skating together and create lasting memories.


(Includes Tent, table, 50 pairs of skates, helmets)

To complete your rink rental experience, we provide a convenient Skate Rental Booth that includes everything you need. We ensure that you and your guests have the necessary equipment to make the most of your time on the ice.