In hallways, hotels, at arenas, and at hockey tournaments … kids love mini sticks! The Top Shot Hockey Mini Rink Zone provides the arena for the ultimate mini stick showdown. Designed to provide countless hours of mini stick fun, the Mini Rink Zone is an inflatable structure that provides boards and a back wall to keep the ball in play.

The Mini Rink Zone is powered by a 1/2 hp blower that inflates the structure in seconds, allowing for quick and easy setup. The structure can be placed on any kind of surface, from a driveway to the backyard.

Standard size is 10 ft by 20 ft, however, it can be custom made to any size or colour. For our corporate customers, there are a variety of branding opportunities including banners and digital printing direct to the floor or side walls.

The Mini Rink Zone is always a part of the Top Shot Hockey FanFest due to it’s popularity. AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR RENTAL!