The custom inflatable gallery is by far our most popular, as it allows the use of the electronic hockey net both indoors and outdoors. The inflatable allows enough coverage to use in heavy sunlight and also the protection that many arena and convention centers require. This gallery is designed to fit the net into the back wall. It is easy to set up and takedown and usually can be fully set up in less than fifteen minutes. Standardized size of 8′ high by 12′ long by 10′ wide. Comes complete with a 1hp blower and a shooting surface.

Inflatables provide enough coverage to be used in heavy sunlight, and also provide the protection that many arenas and convention centers require. Designed to have the net fit into the back wall. It is easy to set up and take down, with both usually taking only fifteen minutes!

The mesh and pole gallery structure is a less expensive way to have a portable shooting gallery. It can be used for the Top Shot electronic hockey net or a radar challenge. Very portable and incredibly easy set up and tear down. Great for rentals.

If you have need for a gallery that is more permanent in nature, we can build to your specifications - as was done with the glass gallery shown above. The dasher board galleries provide optimum branding and advertising opportunities, as the boards can be branded just as you might see at your favourite professional arena! Ideal for retail locations and training centres.