Our Electronic Hockey Net is a full-size hockey net that offers five separate player challenges. Participants shoot pucks at the electronic net with the goal to shoot quickly, accurately and decisively at lit targets. The net can be placed into a gallery of simulated dasher boards with mesh netting that will give the appearance of a hockey rink or an inflatable structure. One or two player games suitable for all ages, young and old. It is the best hockey game for player training and fan engagement. Can be branded for creative marketing opportunities!


Target practice! Take your best shot. All nine targets light up, but how fast can you knock out each? Timer records to the nearest 1/100th of a second.

Rapid Fire

One target will light up randomly, each lit target hit counts as a goal scored.  Accuracy is key, as the light moves after every shot. Ten shots in thirty seconds.


A hockey twist on a classic game.  Two players square off in the traditional game of X’s and O’s.  First shooter is a white light, second shooter a red light.

It’s not all about training the future generation of hockey superstars. The Top Shot Hockey Electronic Net can also be used for product demonstrations, promotional events, advertising, or just good old fashioned hockey fun.

Interactive Game

Used at Fan Zones across the hockey world.  From the NHL to minor hockey, it provides fun and entertainment for all.

Promotion and Sponsorship

An ideal way to draw in customers and turn their attention to your products and services. Numerous opportunities for branding and signage.

Training & Development

Used in hockey schools and training facilities world-wide.  The Electronic Net provides a range of development opportunities.